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sandpiperSandpiper Court – A unique island experience!

The two and three bedroom cottages are designed with a focus on modern living and convenience. Underground utilities include full cable and Internet service. In every home you will enjoy deluxe Samsung appliances including full size washers and dryers.


Water, historically, has been a major issue for island life. Sandpiper cottages will enjoy town water as well as a safety back up cistern with a capacity of @8,000 to 10,000 gallons. Pumps, filters and pressure tanks are included. Hot water is provided by a high efficiency instantaneous hot water system.

A Bluewater waste water treatment plant is installed in every home. The Sandpiper cottages are among the first on Grand Turk to have these environmentally beneficial state of the art systems.

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The windows and doors are impact resistant and certified to pass the stringent Miami/Dade hurricane safety standards. The decorative Old Caribbean style shutters are designed as security shutters, for a second layer of protection, in the event of a storm.

The dramatic Cathedral ceilings throughout the home are of beautiful stained cypress wood. This wood is moisture and insect resistant. The roof structure, sheeting material, and exterior siding are all pressure treated wood.

Interior walls are concrete block and cement board smoothly rendered to a fine finish.

The roof systems of the Sandpiper homes come with a double layer of protection. The roof sheeting is covered with an impermeable rubber roof. This sealed roof is then covered with the maintenance free metal roof. The Galvalume metal roofing material is coated with colorfast white paint that reflects the hot sun and keeps the home interiors cool. This roofing conveys the look of the old Caribbean while meeting modern strength and safety expectations.

All of these extra details ensure a solid and trouble free cottage.


Gorgeous solid maple cabinets and a professionally designed kitchen await your inspection. All the cabinetry has been custom made for these homes.

The bathrooms have been laid out by a professional designer as well, and include double sinks in the master bath. A sophisticated shower system with multiple shower heads grace each bathroom for the most up to date luxury experience.

All rooms come equipped with fully controllable ceiling fans as well as dimming lights.

On the rare occasions when the cooling tropical breezes are still, the Carrier air conditioning system will assure your comfort.

Natural stone Travertine tiles have been used throughout the project for a sophisticated and beautiful appearance.


Sweeping ocean views enhance all the living areas and the master bedrooms. Ocean front porches with fine Bermudian detailing in the railing, posts and decorative brackets, provide shade and will cool the house even in the hottest midday sun.

Finally, a huge effort has been invested in the landscaping surrounding these homes. Plants have been carefully selected to combine variety, color, flowers, and drama.  Also, perhaps most importantly, plants are chosen for hardiness and adaptability to the local climate making the gardens and surroundings beautiful while requiring a minimum of maintenance.

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